Premier Brand New Apartment Living in Ogden, Utah

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Living in the Brand New Aubrey Apartments in Ogden, Utah means spending time enjoying the wonders of life, without worrying about the maintenance of your living space. Unwind with designer inspired interiors and spacious apartment floor plans.

Majestic Beauty

These Brand New Apartments are surrounded by majestic beauty.  Mount Ogden is a peak in Weber County, Utah, the United States in the northern Wasatch Range. Mount Ogden has an elevation of 9,579 feet. The peak is popular with hikers and can be accessed via trails in three nearby canyons: Beus, Waterfall, and Taylor Canyons. Views of Powder Mountain: Huge ski area with 154 separate trails, 2 terrain parks & 9 lifts, plus various resort facilities.

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Brand new apartments Close to Nature. Close to the things you love.

Hiking Ogden UT

Ogden is home to an abundance of some of the most beautiful and scenic trails Utah has to offer.   You can climb to the top of a mountain, to a waterfall, or walk the trails the Native Americans once used.

Whether you are planning a hike or a bike ride.  This detailed Trails Map may be useful.

Located in the Wasatch Mountains, Ogden’s trail system offers year-round adventure for hikers, bikers, & climbers. The trails vary from paved parkways following the Ogden and Weber Rivers to aggressive single track perched high above the valley. The system connects world-class climbing & bouldering areas, 3 kayak parks, a bike-jump park, wetlands, a nature park, breathtaking waterfalls, a pristine lake, a blue ribbon fishery, numerous city parks, botanical gardens, and our founding historical site Ft. Buenaventura all to an exciting and historic downtown.

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